Understanding Immunoglobulin and difference between IgM and IgG

What is Immunoglobulin? Immunoglobulin is also termed as antibodies. They are basically the glycoprotein molecule created by plasma cells (also called white blood cells). They play a critical role in the immune response by identifying and binding to specific antigen – such as virus, bacteria and help in their elimination or

Can Hepatitis be Transmitted – How it is Transmitted and What it is The Treatment?

People could develop hepatitis if they contract among those viruses which can lead to liver inflammation, or as a consequence of exposure to chemicals which could cause hepatitis. There are just two ways that may cause hepatitis: it may either happen as a result of diseases or from gastrointestinal procedures. Hepatitis

Hernioplasty – Diagnosing & Treating Common Intestinal Disorder


The majority of us probably know someone who has suffered from a hernia. This illness of the gastrointestinal system is relatively common, particularly in men. However, a lot of people don't know a lot about hiatal hernia symptoms and treatment (like Hernioplasty) until they hear the analysis from their physicians.